The Bus Project
Ok if you're here... you must know that the artistic types are always futzing with something. (usually due to lack of funds) After hours we turn off the office lights and wander out to the garage...

It has been a while since I updated... work work work.

Here is a quick recap. In 1999 I started looking for a base for an electric vehicle. My first chioce was a Divco Milktruck, small, strong and darn cute. Also impossible to find. So from there I found a 1974 VW bus, it had lived most of its life in Kansas and was rust free. It ran awfull so a deal was made. I had purchased the Monument Mountain Regional High School Tour De Sol vehicle that was sitting fallow in thier garage. From there the fun began.

I had ordered the new adaptor plate from Wilde EvOlutions in Arizona. It took forever to arrive. I also wanted a new pressure plate, clutch and flywheel. That seemed to take forever. If you add in all the time I was in school and working... I am surprised we have gotten anywhere!.

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